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Hearty Harvest

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Nestled in Grandmother Grizzelda's cottage, join Bearnice as she relishes the blissful ambiance of the warm glow of the hearth. As the sun sets, snuggle into an overstuffed armchair with a steaming cup of tea, savouring the aroma of home-baked cookies and pumpkin spiced pies. Bask in cherished memories, with walls that echo with laughter from generations past. Add warmth to your writings with this hearty amber ink that captures the embrace of family and joyous traditions.

Ink Tone: Amber Butterscotch with Rose Gold Shimmer
Characteristics: Warm, syrupy, celebratory, radiant

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • A carved wooden carousel horse sits in the golden warmth of the late autumn sunset, inspired by the Ferris Wheel Press carousel.
  • Grandmother Grizzelda knits contentedly in her favourite armchair; rushing to finish this scarf before the first snowflakes fly.
  • A familiar group of cats make a nuisance of themselves around the room. But who is stealing the pumpkin pie?
  • Unfinished holiday cards rest on the table, written with our iconic Brush Fountain Pen

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

this fiery orange has plenty of shimmer and great shading, love the shading especially

Ondrej Fantomo

Rich, spicy color. It immediately became one of the biggest favorites in my collection