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Ginza Tsutaya Books - 5th Anniversary | Open Sea Atrium

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In celebration of their 5th anniversary, Ginza Tsutaya Books and Ferris Wheel Press bring to life the second edition of the Curious Collaboration Series. In continuation of the inaugural collaboration, we continue exploring the beautiful architecture, signature spaces, and locality of Ginza Tsutaya Books flagship store in Japan.

Tsutaya Books is a historic lifestyle bookstore in Japan who has brought unique and artful experiences to their customers since 1983.

Ink Tone: Aquamarine water, gold shimmer
Characteristics: Aquatic, inspiring, vivid, radiant


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Gold Shimmer
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap 

Once Upon a Design

Dive into the cavernous Ginza Tsutaya Books Atrium, currently open exclusively for sea life and aquatic mammals. Filled to the brim with salty sea water, it has been transformed into the perfect venue for an underwater art exhibition. Dancing sunbeams illuminate from above, casting rippling beams of light over the iconic bookshelves. Schools of Japanese Yellowtail swim to and fro, browsing the extensive collection of literature, while well-mannered Shortfin Mako sharks enjoy the newest sculpture installation - seaweed! Playful otters float around, there to aid you in your search for the perfect book, stationery item or curated keepsake.

Notable Design Details:

  • Sequel to Tokyo Bay Blue, deep dive into the Tsutaya Books Atrium, currently open only to sea life and aquatic mammals!
  • Hand illustrated sea dwellers native to Japan, as well as visitors from the Atlantic shores of Canada, including Newfoundland lobsters and otters, get their chance to browse for new reading materials.
  • Inspired by turquoise waters with a brilliant sun shining through

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Johanna Stauf

the pictures don't do it justice, this is the prettiest light teal I own and the otters on the box are adorable. one of my favorite inks in my whole collection and I own a lot of Ferris Wheel Press inks lol

Xenia Gonda

Another beautiful ink with a delicate colour and beautiful shimmer. Discrete but unique.