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Fête Chinoise | Moonlit Jade

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In collaboration with Fête Chinoise (, we celebrate the lunar new year with a stunning pair of Jade inks. Presenting Sunlit Jade, a warm lockwood green ink punctuated by a magnificent gold shimmer, and Moonlit Jade, which glistens in a starlight silver.

Showcasing an unexpected green tone, this latest collection is inspired by the richness of traditional Jade gemstones, bringing a sense of history and cultural significance to your every stroke.

Moonlit Jade
Ink Tone: Aged Jade with silver sparkle
Characteristics: Deep, glistening, brilliant


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Gold Shimmer
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Close your eyes and envision the deep, rich tones of traditional calligraphy ink on handmade paper. Now open them to the brilliance of Sunlit Jade and Moonlit Jade. This artistic collaboration between Ferris Wheel Press and Fête Chinoise will leave you in awe this Lunar New Year.

The packaging design of this special edition Curious Collaborations Series was created in partnership with Fête Chinoise, a Chinese Canadian platform whose goal is to empower individuals to deepen the connection between identity and Chinese culture. “Through a curated lens and critical thinking, we present meaningful stories, artful experiences, and inspiring products.”

Together with Fête Chinoise, we created a pair of unique hand-illustrated designs that draw from traditional apothecary packaging.

Notable design details:

  • Inspired Chinese apothecary packaging design
  • Traditional and familiar elements drawn from balms and ointments, symbolizing warmth, family and familiarity
  • Peony florals to represent prosperity, good fortune, and honour
  • Water tigers of the Chinese zodiac
  • Auspicious sayings:
    • The dance of the ink, the song of the pen
    • The momentum of culture

Customer Reviews

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Vibrant green!


vibrant green

very pretty ink and since it's a special edition, it has an extra pretty bottle that has tiger art on it. I keep the bottle displayed next to its box since it's. so pretty itself