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Customer Reviews

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Francesco Valente
A bit darker than I thought

Even though the this particular hue is caller “Tattler’s Teal”, the pen in my opinion leans more towards a dark turquoise-green when you look at it in real life. Other than that, still a pretty good starter fountain pen.

Tom K

Not a big fan of the plastic, also the writing is a bit too rough for me

Be aware of the nib size

Beautiful color and pen.

However, I've ordered both medium and fine nibs and I have to say that Ferris Wheel's nibs are one size down compared to the other brands. I would confidently say that medium nib writes as a fine one from other brands and fine one would write as an extra-fine.

You can see the writing compared in one of the pictures on the Roundabout ball point pen page and it's quite accurate.

The pen itself is worth the money.

Dani Rooney

The order was easy & delivery quick. The pen is as described and I love the nib. Not much of a fan of the properly plastic feel, when holding it. I prefer a little weight in my pens if they have a thicker shaft, which this one does. Nothing wrong with the pen, just my preference.

Cheung Cheung Lau

My son loves light weight fountain pen with smooth nib. Although he had a Kaweco already, after trying my my carousel, he immediately asking to have it. And he promised that he will practice his hand writing and show me some neat and tidy homework.

How can I resist? So I bought him his own carousel.

He kept his promise. He keeps showing me his neat and tidy hand writing and keeps asking me to refill his pen with different color of ink